Department of Civil Engineering ( B-tech & Diploma)

1 Mr.Raminder Bhutani Head of Deptt. M.Tech. 10 Years Experience in Teaching
2 Mr. Atul Gupta Asstt. Prof. B.Tech. 5 Years Experience in Teaching
3 Mr. Aneesh Goel Asstt. Prof. M.Tech. 2 Years Experience in Teaching
4 Mr. Ashwani Kumar Lecturer B.Tech. 2+ Years Experience in Teaching
5 Mr. Neeraj Gupta Lecturer B.Tech. 2 Years Experience in Teaching
6 Mr. Gaurav Baweja Lecturer B.Tech. 1 Year Experience in Teaching
7 Ms. Mandeep Saini Lecturer B.Tech. 1 Year Experience in Teaching
8 Mr. Satish Kumar Lecturer B.Tech. 2 Years Experience in Teaching

The focus of the program is to undertake and promote state-of-the-art technology and formal education in Civil Engineering. Civil engineering department at KIT is equipped adequately with the entire laboratory equipment to handle all the energy requirements of energy projects like survey, Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC), strength of materials, steel structures, geological and soil testing challenges. At KIT we arrange survey projects at sites and visits to various civil engineering structures such as buildings, water structures, dams, canals, roads, bridges, industrial steel structures etc.

Career Opportunities

  • Construction Industry
  • Surveying Consultancy
  • Structural Design Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Government Sector (UPSC, PCS, PSU)
  • Industrial Constructions
  • Road Constructions
  • R&D in soil testing and environmental Sciences
  • Estimating and costing