Department of Mechanical Engineering( B-tech & Diploma)

1 Prof. K.L.Banga B.Tech., M.Tech. PROFESSOR 39 Years
2 Mr. Harvinder Kumar B.Tech., M.Tech. Astt. Prof. 4 Years
3 Mr. Sandeep Sangwan B.Tech., M.Tech. Astt. Prof. 9 Years
4 Mr. Ranjeet Singh B.Tech., M.Tech. Astt. Prof. 26 Years
5 Mr. Ankush Saini B.Tech. LECTURER 3 ½Years
6 Mr. Ajay Kumar B.Tech. LECTURER 2 ½Years
7 Mr. Shanky Sudan B.Tech. LECTURER 3½Years
8 Mr. Gaurav Talwar B.Tech., MBA/M.TECH LECTURER 5½ Years
9 Mr. Jitender Rana B.Tech. LECTURER 9 Years
10 Mr. Puneet Kumar B.Tech. LECTURER 2 Years
11 Mr. Ravinder Singh B.Tech. LECTURER 2 Years
12 Harvinder Kumar B.Tech. LECTURER 4Years
13 Mr. Vijay  Kumar B.Tech. LECTURER 6 months
14 Mr. Nitin Kumar B.Tech. LECTURER 3 Years

This course aims at developing competence in core areas of Mechanical Engineering with adequate exposure of students to the state of the art technological developments like CAD, CAM, Robotics, Mechatronics etc. This department at KIT helps in creating opportunities for budding engineers to fulfill the demands of industries and academics and to upgrade the knowledge of engineers in this field.

Career Opportunities

  • Core Manufacturing Industries
  • Software companies
  • Automotive Industries etc.
  • R&D in Manufacturing
  • Consultancy
  • Teaching/Academics
  • Government Sector (UPSC, PCS, PSU)